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Steve Mansfield

I joined the psychology department at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh in 2000. I currently teach General Psychology Lab (PSY105), Psychological Statistics (PSY206), and Cognitive Psychology (PSY321). If you are currently a student in one of my classes you can use the STUDENT LOGIN link to access the course materials and other important class information.

My research concerns the perceptual and cognitive processes involved in reading, particularly the dependence of reading performance on print size. A major project has been the development of the MNREAD acuity chart. This chart has become an internationally accepted standard for measuring visual performance in reading and is used in low-vision clinics and clinical research around the world. My research students and I are working on expanding the materials for the MNREAD test and assessing the precision and reliability of the reading-performance measures that the test provides. We are also exploring the factors that determine how print size and fonts affect word recognition and reading. My Research page contains full-text of some of my research articles, and my Google Scholar Citations page contains a complete list along with other interesting information.

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Steve Mansfield