Psy 321: Cognitive Psychology

Course description

This course examines the structures and processes by which information is extracted, interpreted, stored, retrieved, and used. Topics include attention, perception, memory, imagery, language, problem solving, and reasoning. With regard to each of these topics, the major theoretical positions, relevant research findings, and specific research methods will be presented and discussed.

The class is divided into a lecture component and a lab component. All students meet together on Monday and Wednesday for lecture. Students are then divided into smaller groups to conduct the lab each week. The section (i.e. A-F) of Psy 321 for which you register determines the day and time that your lab meets.

Please note that I cannot allow anyone to overenroll any sections of this class. You may use the regular waitlist process to try to get in to a closed section. Thank you for your understanding.

Course materials are available on Moodle.